Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beautiful Suburbia

Blouse: Thrifted
T- shirt: Sportsgirl 
Shorts: Maxim
Boots: Wittner
Bag: Just Jeans

East Perth's so damn pretty with their skinny charming little houses and their waterfront views and the wondrous  tunnelling tree's bending over the small roads. oh one day!

 I'm not always fond of floral but i found this sweet little shirt at the op shop a few months ago and it was lost, my wardrobe had eaten it! But i found it and not a moment too soon it was perfect for this breezy autumn day. Ever so light, just something full of flow to throw on over a white tee and my corduroy shorts. With my sheer stockings and my Axel over the knee lace ups and the usual suspects on my fingers. Just love a crazy little pattern to liven up such a basic, plain, effortless look.


Well hello everyone,

this is my first ever post to this new blog of mine, happy to be popping the post cherry.
So I've taken a year off studying to "find myself" and do whatever it is that people do to figure out why there put on this earth. Even though the years a little over half way through I've decided to start this blog to fill in my life a little. I have plenty of time on my hands when i'm not working or being a social butterfly or lover and nothing bloody useful to do with it! Keeping this all very casual at first of course because this is my first blog but I'll hopefully broaden my styling horizons and have some fun with it. Who knows maybe I'll even find myself….wouldn't that be nice!!!!!!!!!!
hope you enjoy! x