Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Butterfly Effect

Marc Jacobs bag
Behind the Monkey Butterfly ring
Misuzi letter necklace (Harry & Gretel)
Wildfox Butterfly tank (Harry & Gretel) 
Vintage shorts
2 Baia Vista platform

I've always loved butterflies and chasing them as a child in the garden, they're beautiful little things. I have never owned anything with a butterfly on it and all of a sudden I have a ring, top, and bag with butterflies. I have always wanted a tattoo of one but I'm going to ponder it a little longer.
These apricot Fluorescent vintage shorts are probably one of the only fluoro items I've taken a liking too, they're a really nice fit and I can never go past a nice high waist line. 
Colourful quirky outfit for a Sunny lunch at 'Toast.'