Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Rise Wonders

May i introduce you to the most Amazing Jeans in the world, every woman's best friend, high rise, skinny leg wonders. Aside from the fact that they don't fall down when you sit and eliminate the possibility of a "muffin top," these jeans are such a nice fit. Flattering for all shapes. Ridiculously I own three different colours in this style, but i think if you find i great fitting pair of jeans, buy a few colours! Because how often does that happen!! I really like Burnt orange at the moment, surprisingly it goes with more than you would think. I went a bit funky casual with my purple Marnie skilling Knit, it's a fun jumper with it's plats, tassels & glitter thread.

Market Necklace
 Marnie Skillings Jumper
 Vintage Belt
Nobody Jeans (Harry & Gretel)
Top Shop Boots
Zara Bag

Monday, September 3, 2012

Denim Day Out

I found this cute denim number opp shopping and got so excited, i had been looking for a denim dress to add to my large (due for a huge clean out) wardrobe. Love the lace band and I love being a little bit hippy sometimes its fun and i must admit probably my favourite style, It's so fun, free, and pretty. I added a suede feathered belt from another lace dress i have because it needed a little something extra to break up all that denim. Some times less is more but in this case i went for more. You just have to have a good balance of accessories. I got really indecisive in the end, and took a lot on and off. But finally walked out of the house…story of my life! Delicious Sunday lunch with old friends and very happy in my dress!

Sportsgirl Hat
Mum's Vintage Necklace
Vintage Denim Dress
Luckybrand Bracelet
Suede Feather Belt
Gorman Shoes
Zara Bag