Monday, March 25, 2013

Psychedelic Shades

Evil Twin tank / Kookai Skirt / 2 Baia Vista platforms / Shag Vintage bag / Market Jewellery / Dallas & Carlos bracelet

This is my last get together with the sun before the grey clouds set in and cover the blue sky and all the leaves start to fall. I'm going to miss you Summer.  I will miss the ice creams, refreshing pints of cider and the warm nights where you can walk home without a jacket. Care free, easy summer full of effortless outfits that don't consist of many clothes. First item of clothing I slipped into was my sexy bright Kookai skirt, absolutely loving the splits on each side. Sexy splits and strappy shoes are having a come back in a big way. Second I put on my Two tone platforms wedges for a bit of height, and chucked on my Tie dye cropped tank by Evil Twin for a complete contrast. I really like all the saturated colours together. I bought a dream catcher from Urban Depot, and I think It may have sent me into a Hippy daze for the week. I almost forgot to go on about my Hessian clear back pack,  I found it in Melbourne at Shag Vintage, it's the love of my life  at the moment, but is limiting me to what I put in my bag since everyone can see the contents! 

Bye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Scattered Light

Amilita bustier / Vintage skirt & bag / Alexander McQueen cuff & ring / House of Harlow pearl ring / Luiza Barcelos heels

Scattered Light, is the art that surrounds me, hundreds of bulbs suspended at different lengths to form a box of light. It was created by Jim Campbell for the Perth Festival, I hope you got a chance to pop up to Kings Park to see it's mesmerising glow. Vintage, hollywood, glamour, I love that sort of clean classic look. Simple white vintage pleated skirt, little black top with petal edge detail, beautiful gold McQueen ring and cuff adding a modern twist with the skulls, vintage glow mesh bag slung across to add texture and a fiery red lip stick to add some sass!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Collette dress / Behind the Monkey necklace & double ring set / McFadin bag / Shubar boots / other jewellery - Vintage

So I would like you to meet my beautiful new bag, I bought it from Yoyo Buffalo in Leederville. At the time I was supposed to be looking for a pair of boot's for southbound that I could rock out in. I was already so in debt with recent purchases, Although of course that did not stop me, I loved it! You never find amazing pieces like this in Perth so there was no question about it, the bag was mine. Yoyo get's quite a few brands in from America, The McFadin brand is made by two sisters from Texas, and all the leather straps and buckles are made from vintage belts and the majority of the bag is made from Mexican woven Navajo blankets. 
Most of the jewellery I'm wearing is from Behind the Monkey on Beaufort Street. I have compiled a collection of jewellery from there over the years, they have some of the most beautiful jewels. The Stag head necklace I bought from there is only costume jewellery so it has tarnished but I still love it, it gives it character.

 Navajo print and Stag heads are where it's at kids get on it!