Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hide a little, Show a little

I feel if your going to show some mid drift, you should cover up your legs. Balance it out a little. I am going through a major crop & skirt phase at the moment. Slinky pencil skirt CHECK, strapy shoes CHECK, and my new Spiky lover in hand CHECK! This is a little snap Annie Loo took after an amazing night of fashion at the ARCADIA Curtain Graduates Fashion Show. So many new talented designers, Especially my friend Stephanie Fulham who won the Sheila award. Manning Cartell, Ginger & Smart watch out! This girl is Amazing her designs are Colourful, Unique & very ready to wear, it doesn't just have catwalk appeal. I'm sure you'll see her designs in the near future. 

Shakahachi Leather Top
Rachael Ruddick Clutch
Asos Pencil Skirt
Skin Strap Heels

Monday, October 22, 2012


These Bad Boys are the Best! I am head over heels with my August Overalls! I bought them slightly bigger because their better a bit baggier, a bit like Boyfriend Jeans. Their very cute done up but I think I prefer them rolled down. I can not take credit for rolling them down, I was trying to think of another way to wear them and my boyfriend suggested it. I knew there was a reason I kept him around! On a sad note…I lost my YSL Arty Oval Ring, I'm extremely angry with myself, it was beautiful & a limited edition that i bought in Paris. Girls never take your rings off when your out! So i had my tears over it, and then to make myself feel better, I spent more money and bought myself this Wonderful Colourful cross stitch bag & Amazing Blue tassel to add to it.
 It has filled the void for now.

Empire Bag
Oneup Dino Necklace
American Apparel Crop Tee
August Street Overalls
Dangerfield Belt
Siren Platforms 
(Harry & Gretel)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fox Fur & Florals

Keeping it Vintage almost head to toe, using a few really nice vintage pieces that I've found. The only New item is my Kirrily Johnston Bra, it feels Amazing on and looks quite sexy. It is more of an under layer but i decided to show a bit of skin, i think my Big Fox Collar coat sort of balances it out. I have always had this Floral Maxi skirt and i have absolutely thrashed it to death, it's so easy to wear! I just loved the bra & skirt together, i thought the colours go together really well, their very earthy and warm.
 It's probably more of a Autumn outfit but oh well!

Kirrily Johnston Bra Top
Vintage Skirt
Vintage Leather Coat
Vintage Bag 
Vintage Ring

Photograph's By Annie L

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Rise Wonders

May i introduce you to the most Amazing Jeans in the world, every woman's best friend, high rise, skinny leg wonders. Aside from the fact that they don't fall down when you sit and eliminate the possibility of a "muffin top," these jeans are such a nice fit. Flattering for all shapes. Ridiculously I own three different colours in this style, but i think if you find i great fitting pair of jeans, buy a few colours! Because how often does that happen!! I really like Burnt orange at the moment, surprisingly it goes with more than you would think. I went a bit funky casual with my purple Marnie skilling Knit, it's a fun jumper with it's plats, tassels & glitter thread.

Market Necklace
 Marnie Skillings Jumper
 Vintage Belt
Nobody Jeans (Harry & Gretel)
Top Shop Boots
Zara Bag

Monday, September 3, 2012

Denim Day Out

I found this cute denim number opp shopping and got so excited, i had been looking for a denim dress to add to my large (due for a huge clean out) wardrobe. Love the lace band and I love being a little bit hippy sometimes its fun and i must admit probably my favourite style, It's so fun, free, and pretty. I added a suede feathered belt from another lace dress i have because it needed a little something extra to break up all that denim. Some times less is more but in this case i went for more. You just have to have a good balance of accessories. I got really indecisive in the end, and took a lot on and off. But finally walked out of the house…story of my life! Delicious Sunday lunch with old friends and very happy in my dress!

Sportsgirl Hat
Mum's Vintage Necklace
Vintage Denim Dress
Luckybrand Bracelet
Suede Feather Belt
Gorman Shoes
Zara Bag

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dinner Reservations

Friday night out with the family and the man. Originally we were supposed to be going to our regular Chinese restaurant, but I decided that this family needs to shake things up and go somewhere new! So we went to this new japanese restaurant 'Aisuru Sushi' that apparently is the 'Talk of the Town' on Urban Spoon. It was extremely delicious and I highly recommend it, very modern aesthetic and fun dishes. Urban spoon never lies! 
On this very Soho evening I wore my Saint Shylo dress that has been in my closet with it's tag for too long, it's so classy and has a lovely corset like fit at the top. To casual it down a little i put my favourite vintage denim jacket on along with my new black suede pouch bag and vintage Lange Belt i found in London. My Steve Madden heels have little Coloured gem stones which tied with the belt and bag perfectly.

Trying new looks for a bit of fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bohemian Layers

This white dress is such a good simple dress for when you want to go mad with layers and accessories. Every time i wear it i team it up with completely different pieces and it changes the look completely, it's like a different dress. I need more versatile dresses like this in my wardrobe. Also probably this is the only asymmetrical dress i haven't hated! My Over the knee boots are too die for favourites, I remember I bought them because they reminded me of a Willow pair I had seen on the cover of Russh Magazine once. Lastly a mention to my belt that i found rummaging through a vintage shop in Fremantle, so happy when i found it. It's quite metallic and medieval looking, but metallic seams to go with everything for some reason!
I was sort of going for a Soft Boho look i hope you like.

I.d.s dress 
Unif Jacket
 Vintage belt
Sportsgirl hat
Angle Dot Diamond Crystal Ring
Hong kong knit
Marc Jacobs bag
Wittner Boots

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Becoming a bit of a A-line skirt addict lately, If i'm in a rush and don't know what to wear i throw one on with a t shirt tucked in or a fitted knit for the winter. Their perfect though because they nip you in at the waist showing your smallest part, then finish a little past the knee creating an illusion. Their flattering and make me feel pretty and girly as embarrassing as that is to admit! 
Sorry boys no legs for show leaving it to the imagination !

Necklace Vintage
Miss Selfridge Skirt
American Vintage top
 Marc Jacobs bag
Gorman shoes

Buckingham Palace

On the way to Buckingham Palace to see the big changing of the royal guards, it was all very exciting the best bit was probably when i saw the guard that was walking the royal dog,(i was surprised to see a royal dog!)the guards whole body was as still as a statue but then i looked down at his hand and he was giving the fluffy thing a playful scratch.Dogs obviously bring out the best in even the most contained.Didn't spend much time before wearing my new French connection Royal blue,faux fur coat. It was warm and for some reason i loved that the fur was fabulously fake.

Coat: French Connection
Shirt: Marc Jacobs
Cardigan: Alannah Hill 
Tu tu: American Apparel 
Boots: Topshop

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dangerous Day's Off

Alannah Hill singlets & shorts, Tigerlily dress, Seed Femme ballet pumps

Sipping a cold glass of ribena after a successful slash accidental day of shopping. I went along innocently to shop for a dress for someone else and may have stumbled across a few things i couldn't say bye to. If anything i was supposed to use my day off to get rid of some of my old clothes, instead decided to add to the overflowing closet madness that i call my room, and buy some more! I would probably purchase the actual Alannah Hill if i could, i absolutely lust her clothing. A girl can't not feel pretty in Alannah Hill, the little yellow rose shorts are the cutest thing you've ever seen and the pink bow singlet was so sweet i couldn't not get it in black too. Seed femme leopard pumps thank god i found you i need comfortable shoes for work and excited about the perfect 50's style red Tigerlily dress, want my boyfriend to ask me out on a date so i can wear it already! 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Colour's My Friend

 Little afternoon road trip to the Margret River chocolate factory to indulge in sweet things, enjoying the beautiful scenery and all the colours it has to offer along the way. This crazy little colour cat is my friend Annie Loo the only girl i know that can pull of a scrunchy. She wears three different colours painted on her nails, exuberant vintage dresses and fluoro rubber bracelets.