Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craze Jacket Phase

Jacket: Somedays Lovin
Suede Top: Thrifted
Pendant: Markets
Belt: Sportsgirl
Jeans: White Suede
Clogs: May

The Ultimate Hippy jacket, in Velvet tie dye with faux fur collar & cuffs. This is going to sound extremely silly but i feel Cool in this jacket... not dad jokes Cool, i'm talking James Dean Cool. It's most definitely a favourite at the moment. This winter i went into a craze jacket phase! Unfortunately Winter is nearing an end and there will be no more layered winter fashion. But fortunately for me i'm travelling back to Winter because i'm heading to Europe soon for New years with Z man. So that means i will remain a pale little ghost for a bit longer. Who cares about being golden when there's the London Sales! My jacket is by this cute bohemian brand called 'Somedays Lovin.' but to me it's more like Everydays lovin! Because their truly so great, i have a few of their pieces already. Only downside to my beloved jacket is that it's not half as warm as it looks, it's lacking in thickness and compensating in fur, So i'll probably Freeze!

Summer i know we only just found each other again but were going to have to wait a little longer. 

more posting soon
peace hipsters x

1 comment:

  1. I have that exact jacket! its vintage right? Its so hard for me to wear it in LA but you look divine in it!

    <3 zoe