Monday, August 20, 2012

Dinner Reservations

Friday night out with the family and the man. Originally we were supposed to be going to our regular Chinese restaurant, but I decided that this family needs to shake things up and go somewhere new! So we went to this new japanese restaurant 'Aisuru Sushi' that apparently is the 'Talk of the Town' on Urban Spoon. It was extremely delicious and I highly recommend it, very modern aesthetic and fun dishes. Urban spoon never lies! 
On this very Soho evening I wore my Saint Shylo dress that has been in my closet with it's tag for too long, it's so classy and has a lovely corset like fit at the top. To casual it down a little i put my favourite vintage denim jacket on along with my new black suede pouch bag and vintage Lange Belt i found in London. My Steve Madden heels have little Coloured gem stones which tied with the belt and bag perfectly.

Trying new looks for a bit of fun!

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