Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hide a little, Show a little

I feel if your going to show some mid drift, you should cover up your legs. Balance it out a little. I am going through a major crop & skirt phase at the moment. Slinky pencil skirt CHECK, strapy shoes CHECK, and my new Spiky lover in hand CHECK! This is a little snap Annie Loo took after an amazing night of fashion at the ARCADIA Curtain Graduates Fashion Show. So many new talented designers, Especially my friend Stephanie Fulham who won the Sheila award. Manning Cartell, Ginger & Smart watch out! This girl is Amazing her designs are Colourful, Unique & very ready to wear, it doesn't just have catwalk appeal. I'm sure you'll see her designs in the near future. 

Shakahachi Leather Top
Rachael Ruddick Clutch
Asos Pencil Skirt
Skin Strap Heels