Monday, August 26, 2013

PFF / Restyle 2013 / Day 26 / Denim

Capnmueller squid earrings / Asuzaman shirt / Vintage Denim skirt / Vintage belt / Harvest clutch / Robert Robert heels 

Denim Vintage skirt - $5

I have been waiting for this beautiful day for the whole of August! For anyone else in the world it is just another day, but to the 'thrift shopping' lovers of Perth it is day 26 of the Perth Fashion Festival #Restyle2013 photo-a-day op shop challenge! Today's challenge was DENIM my absolute favourite fabric, I have a huge denim collection! Although I wanted to venture out and find something "new" for this challenge, because you can never have enough denim right? I found this Vintage denim skirt at Good Sammy in Morley for $5.00. I think when you walk into a op shop and find a piece like this, and it fits your waste almost like it was made for you, that it is fashion fate! When I did the button up I was so overjoyed that I almost swung open the tacky curtain of the change room and ran out for a victory lap! It's like when you score in a sporting match, that accomplished, proud, excited feeling. Except I find my triumph in really good fashion finds. I bought these Robert Robert fringed strappy heels four years ago and I held on the them because I knew the strappy shoe would have a come back! I love a good 'Double Denim' look but, I haven't been able to find a denim shirt that I like yet so I settled for this 100% cotton blue mens shirt that I found when I was shopping with my brother. I'm double denim faking it and I don't care!! 

Also before I toddle off, do you like my new Squid Earrings? These quirky, unique little guys are by the Incredible Perth blogger Harbour Master. I think they were the craziest pair I could have picked although there is bigger sizes! 

These are Available online at and are stocked at Varga Girl.

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  1. you have a lovely blog <3 this outfit is so cool!!