Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slam Dunk Nicholas

Rummage collar / Adidas tank / Nicholas the Label jeans (Harry & Gretel) / Mimco watch / Converse sneakers

Two big things I love at the moment are sport luxe and pattern. So why not combine the two right? As long as both pieces work together, then go for it! Usually your patterned piece has to be what you work the rest of your outfit around, so that's where you start. I have absolutely worn these Nicholas floral tapestry jeans to death, you can easily dress them up or down. They are the 'slam dunk' of patterned jeans in my eyes! They're high waisted, cropped and the pattern is insanely good. You can pick just about any colour under the sun out of them. I paired my jeans up with this cute green Adidas cropped tank that I found on Asos Marketplace. I'm not usually one for showing off that much midriff but I felt it had to be done to have this combo together. My Converse were a no brainer they tied in with the white stripes on my Adidas tank. I'm not a pro at shooting hoops unfortunately but I flipped out when I found this Converse basketball at home. Just the idea of my shoes and my ball matching was too cool for my mind to handle, which is why Tom and I ended up at the nearest basketball court. Embrace the sport luxe.

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  1. Adorable sporty chic. Love the rad Addidas top and the floral pants <3


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  3. Nice look, love this little cute top!!


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  5. the 1st picture is amazing !