Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Black + White = Grey

Saxony mens beanie / Vintage necklace / Huming sweater / Charlotte Says jeans / Harvest clutch / Unisa boots

Hipster kids of the world you have brainwashed me with your sweat shirts and your baggy beanie's. I'm officially fashion comfortable, and when I say this I literally mean comfortable! Love, love, loving my new sweat shirt and white ripped jeans. Both are really good basics and mix and match really well into the wardrobe. I wanted to keep this outfit quite simple, just black, white, and grey. It's quite casual so I popped on this gorgeous little jewelled necklace to dress it up slightly. To introduce a bit of colour I wore my bright screen printed Harvest clutch. No two are the same and they are one hundred percent organic so I thought that was pretty amazing. It's more of a little art piece then a clutch. I fell in love with this Huming jumper, I love the eagle that's stitched into the fabric and the adjustable zips at the front. It's quite oversized so the zips give it some needed shape. I'm loving anything ripped up and distressed so when I saw these white ripped up Charlotte Says jeans I had to have them! The only annoying thing about wearing white pants is, you always have to watch where you sit! Lately I have been living in jeans, I used to be such a gypsy, long skirt type of girl. I think my style is definitely evolving. I haven't even wanted to touch any of my pretty dresses this season. I suppose it's just a Winter thing, I'm sure I'll find a new love for them again in the summer time.For now
 I'm happy just being cool and comfortable!

p.s. How amazing is this art in the background, I'm still trying to find out who the artist is! 

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  1. You can't go wrong with grey. Love those boots and clutch too. Perfect combo

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